In 1996 the first CD with Poppsykosen saw the light of day. It was meant as a birthday surprise for our Keyboardist Leif. I wanted to give him a special gift and one of my friends helped me with the sampling of the music and the making of the booklet.

When I later got my hands on the appropriate equipment I started going through my old tapes to find more music which resulted in four CD's whith Poppsykosen.

The CD's can not be purchased in shops - they're just for our own pleasure, but you can listen to some of the music in the listening booth - the music button under Poppsykosen.

Click on the CD cover for more information on each CD.



    Poppsykosen - Live at Birkerød Ramasjang, 1987 Poppsykosen - Live at Stengade 30, 1984
Poppsykosen - GilleLive Poppsykosen - Exit Poppsykosen - Slip Løs! Poppsykosen - Sig du vil ha' mig