We started out in the spring of 1981. After leaving a former band, I decided to play symphonic rock. I've always wanted that. Although I knew some bands in my neighbourhood, that played in this style, they had no vacant place for a guitar player. So I had to find some other musicians and write some music myself. This was in fact the start of my "career" as a songwriter.

So we began as a three piece band with Max Herager (b, dm), Steen Rønne (dm, b) og Orla Hylleberg Eriksen (g, keyb). We jammed a lot in different constellations swapping instruments called Expo-Progressive and Total-Extreme. When the opportunity for a live performance showed up, Jens-Ole Hare (keyb) and Jørgen Houmann (voc) was added and to this occasion some more regular songs was composed and Poppsykosen was a reality.

Jens-Ole Hare left the group shortly after and was replaced by Henrik X, who lasted only a half year. He was replaced by Preben Krogh. In the spring of 1983 Steen Rønne left and was replaced by Jørgen Jakobsen, who had played with Leif Eriksen (keyb), who was added a half year later. In 1985 Preben Krogh left the group, and for many years the lineup was not changed. However in 2002 Jørgen Jakobsen decided to call it quits. Actually we did not know what to do and some of us were thinking of laying the band to rest. We, however, decided to see if we could get a new drummer and shortly after I asked Kåre Christer of Das Tote Calzone, if would take the drum seat. He agreed and stayed with us for 10 years. Then we asked our old drummer if he would like to come back. He said he would give it a chance and so far and after almost half a year he is still with us. Late 2014 our drummer suffered from severe back pains and by early summer 2015 he had to stop. We took the summer vacation to think about our situation and by late summer Leif and I decided to part our ways with Max. We found a new rehearsal room and we hope to supply ourselves with a new bass player, a drummer and a singer. Maybe it won't be easy.

The music of Poppsykosen is centered around my compositions, which is inspired by classical music and symphonic rock. Later in the 80's the music has become more mainstream rock, but after the revival of the progressive rock in the 90's the group is on its way back to that style.

Poppsykosen, which means The Pop Psychosis - a popular psychosis or a suggestion that popular things e.g. pop music is psychotic... Later, in the 90's we changed our name. We thought Poppsykosen was too negative or offensive. For a period our name was InCock92. If you pronounce that in Danish it says Incognito. When we found out it was already taken, we changed name again. This time to something more strange: Winnie goes to P. Offensive or not, the suggestion of the dark corners of the mind were gone. Anyhow, internal in the band, we still are Poppsykosen.

In January 2008 I recieved some sad news. Preben Krogh, who played with us from 1983-85, has passed away. Actually he died in 2006, but we haven't been in contact with him since he suddenly left way back then. A Friend of his stumbled across this page and sent me an email telling the sad news. Preben's contribution to Poppsykosens music was a beautiful and sensitive song called Requiem for a Junkie.

February 17 - 2014 - Our lead vocalist Jørgen Houmann decided to leave Poppsykosen due to musical differencies. At the moment our drummer Jørgen Jakobsen will see if he can take over the vocal duties.

June 8 - 2015 - Jørgen Jakobsen was forced to leave us due to health issues. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Late August 2015 Leif and I parted our ways with Max and moved out from his cellar, where we use to rehearse. We moved in at new rehearsal facility in Frederiksberg.

December 2015 We got in contact with Niels Ottesen, who play drums. It would seem he stays with us. Well, he didn't.

January 2016. Niels got us in contact with bass-player Anders Oehlenschlæger.

Summer 2016 Lars Jønsson - joined us on drums.

Autumn 2016 Niels Ottesen got us in contact with Bruno Petersen who sings and plays the flute.

Winter 2018 We parted our ways with Lars Jønsson (drm).

August 2018 Güther Paulsen joined on Drums.

October 2019 Güther Paulsen left us.

March 2020 The Corona pandemic put everything on hold. Our rehearsal facility closed

April 2021 Anders Oehlenlschæger left us.

September 2021 Bruno Petersen, our singer and flautist left us. We were now cut down to basics. The Computer, Leif on keys and me on guitar.

July 2022 Jonas Paul Landt joined us on drums  and we moved to his rehearsing facilities.

October 2022 Eskild Morten Landt (Jonas' brother) joined us on bass.

As of 2024 we're still looking for a vocalist.


The various incarnations of Poppsykosen
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen Max Herager Jørgen Houmann Steen Rønne Jens-Ole Hare Henrik X. Preben Krogh Jørgen Jakobsen Leif Eriksen Kåre Christer Niels Ottesen Anders Oehlenschlæger Lars Jønsson Bruno Petersen Günther Paulsen Anno
  Gtr Bass Voc Drm Keyb Keyb Keyb Drm Keyb Drm


Bass Drm Voc-flute Drm Instr.
Mark I x x x x x           1981
Mark II x x x x x           1981-82
Mark III x x x x x           1983
Mark IV x x x x x           1983
Mark V x x x x x x           1983
Mark VI x x x x x           1985-02, 2012-14
Mark VII x x x        


x x           2002-12
Mark VIII x x          


x             2014
Mark IX x               x             2015
Mark X x               x  



Mark XI x               x    


Mark XII x               x    




  2016-2018 (feb)
Mark XIII x               x x (guest)  




Mark IVX x    








2018 (august)