Band members
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars

Besides guitars he also plays keyboards and compose most of the material by midi-programming and harddisk-recording. You can click here to see his guitars.
Musical influences: A lot, but to point out some highlights. Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Their songs "Hey Joe" and "Sunshine of Your Love" made me want to play the electric guitar. Then came Procol Harum with the majestic "A Whiter Shade of Pale", but also their later work inspired me alot. King Crimson and Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Their songs "In the Court of the Crimson King" and "Father of Day, Father of Night" really turned my head with the lush sound of the Mellotron. Mahavishnu Orchestra with the LP "Birds of Fire" the way the themes and melodies was created intrigued me.
Concerts of importance: Focus in 1974, Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1975, Magma in 1976 this was pure savage magic. TransAtlantic in 2010 in Victoria Park, London playing Whirlwind and Return of the Giant Hogweed with Steve Hackett. These concerts really blew me away. I was "high" on music lang after.

Leif Eriksen - Keyboards
Jonas Povl Landt - Drums
Eskild Morten Landt - Bass

Former band members

Bruno Petersen - Vocal and Flute
Anders Oehlenschlæger - Bass
Günther Paulsen - Drums
Lars Jønsson - Drums
Niels Ottesen - Drums
Max Herager - Bass

Max owned our rehearsal room. When we parted with him Leif and I had to move out. 
He also plays in a band called Tundra, which has existed even longer than Poppsykosen.


Jørgen Jakobsen - Drums, and lead vocals

Jørgen was with us from 1983 to 2002. In 2012 he came back and in 2014 he also took over the vocal duties. In 2015 he was forced to leave us due to health issues.


Jørgen Houmann - lead vocals, left in 2014.
Kaare Christer - drums, left in 2012.