Me and my guitars
My band's name is Poppsykosen, we've existed since 1981. Through the years we didn't perform on stage very often and when it happened we didn't always had at photographer to shoot, so there's some big time gaps between the pics.

The guitar I'm playing on this picture is a Danish handbuilt guitar of the brand "MØRCH". This was my favorite guitar for many years. I think it was built in the late 60's or early 70's - I bought it in 1977. The picture is from a concert in 1996.

DM i Rock 96
Kagså, 79 The next guitar I purchased was a GIBSON DE LUXE sunburst - It was my favorite guitar at home, but I found it too heavy to sit with for hours in front of my computer. I bought it in 1979 (I think it's from 1974). The picture is from an out door concert in 1979 with a former band.
In the early 80's I got interested in guitar synthesizers due to the work of Steve Hackett, Steve Hillage and John McLaughlin, so I bought a ROLAND GUITAR SYNTHESIZER, GR 808 (the one with the blue box). This was my favorite for several years. Now I don't use it anymore, I've even been thinking of selling it. After been e-mailed and asked if I really want to sell it, I've been reconsidering..... I don't think I can part with it - sorry. The picture is from a concert in 1984. Stengade 30, 84
In 1985 I bought a FENDER STRATOCASTER, nature wood and maple neck. At that time it was becoming very trendy to use the string bender. I used it up to the 90's, where I rediscovered my Mørch and then the "strat" became my second guitar. (in the stand on the picture of the Mørch guitar).
Working in the Studio Here's a recent pic. of me playing my Gibson in front of all my music-, computer- and midi gear.
The pic's from autumn 1997.
In the last part of the 80's I got interested in synthesizers, drum-machines and other electronic equipment and from the start of the 90's I could add computers and midi stuff to my expences. Thus you would think I had enough guitars, I couldn't keep from purchasing a new guitar more in early 1999. Late 1998 I had my Strat home fome harddisk recordings and I liked it much because it's much lighter than the Gibson. The disadvantage was the singlecoil pickups, which produces much noise when placed in front of a pc-monitor. So when I saw my local music store had a FENDER TEX MEX STRATOCASTER with a rear humbucker pickup on sale I went and bought it. Another upside with this guitar is its much lighter that the Gibson.
For many years I've wanted a heavy metal style guitar with 24 frets and powerful humbuckers. In 2002 at spring time I went to my local dealer and there I saw an ESP LTD MH-301. I liked the feel and the shape of it. The price wasn't to heavy either, but unfortunately I could not afford it at that time. What could I do to get it? The only way was to save up for it. Then one day in September, I browsed the dealers web-page and saw they had a model on sale. I then knew that this was the time to go and get it. A half year later I bought one more - on sale of course. You can see it on the members page.
In April 2004 I went shopping for guitars again. This time a PARKER FLY MOJO. Very expensive, but I've been saving up for it. Back in the start of the 90's I went to a musical instruments fair there I saw this beautiful instrument for the first time, and further more I tried it. I was very impressed by the feel and the light weight. From that moment of I knew that one day I'd get one myself. This is a sorta dream-come-true to me.