July - 2020 - My third album on Spotify - Sleepers the album contains just three songs - clocks in over 20 mins each. The CD deals mostly with MMORPG especially "Game of Infinity" which we also made a video for. https://open.spotify.com/album/0yx3wz7nlU8FgItqkcUyZI. As always copy the link and paste in a new tab.

May - 2020 - Exxon now appears on ProgArchives. A big thank you to Dan Kornbak of the Facebook group Danish Progressive Rock News.
Go to http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=11385

May - 2020 - the album Secret Gardens is now available on Spotify. Go to https://open.spotify.com/album/5H9Lor1VRPwPHYCQwVWZNt As always copy the link and paste it in a new tab. Enjoy!

April - 2020 - Confined to your flat in these Corona times. What can you do? Write a song about it and make a video. Go to the Exxon video section to watch 'Indoor Games'. Enjoy!

I've just finished a song and a video about the Corona crisis 'Stay Home' - go to Exxon video section to watch - enjoy and stay safe :-). 'Stay Home has now been released on Spotify. Go to https://open.spotify.com/album/7qITmor8aaPX9hKr8X0E40 As always copy the link and paste in a new tab.

March - 2020 - Corona - Corona - Corona - this terrible plague has befallen the world. So now we're confined to our homes with just a little trip to the mall once in a while. We keep social distance and use hand sanitizer to avoid contracting the virus.

However, the show must go on. By the 1st of March I got my first album on spotify. This would be 'Indigo' Go to https://open.spotify.com/album/1a1TeFXHnDP0x9c1cBD8H5?si=tGhyaa-yTOiOsXGK-nnbsA&fbclid=IwAR0HEtoDegG3jexUhgaOcC8Vzb6rBtGGzNjwLEgd1KB8X513RdE2GzT7AIc to listen - it's better quality than here and the album can be heard in it's entirety in one go. Notice. The link won't work until you copy it and paste it in a new tab.

Exxon has also been added to ProgArchives thanks to Dan Kornbak of the Facebook group Danish Progressive Rock News. But it has yet to appear on their pages.

I've recorded at little video of a newly written instrumental piece 'Statues in the Rain'. It's been added to the Exxon video section - Enjoy!

January - 2020 - Happy New Year! The CD Fortuna Road is now in the listening booth. Go to the Exxon Music Section to listen - Enjoy!

December - 2019 The Christmas video is finished - go to the Exxon video section to see it.

October - 2019 - Günther Paulsen, who played the drums, has left us for personal reasons. We're now looking for a replacement.

July - 2019

Seems the vacation has got me working on the homepage a little more than usual. To celebrate that Poppsykosen has been added to ProgArchives, I've put the 'Slip Løs!' CD in the music section under Poppsykosen - enjoy!

The CD 'A Summer Day' has been added to the listening booth. Go to the Exxon Music Section and listen - Enjoy!

Poppsykosen has been added to ProgArchives. A big thank you to Dan Kornbak of the Facebook group Danish Progressive Rock News.
Go to
The video for 'Ships in the Night' is finished. Go to the Exxon Video section to see it.

January - 2019 - Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. Another CD has been put in the listening booth. Go to Exxon Music Section to hear Mirror Show. Enjoy!

December - 2018 - The video for 'Second Floor Victim' is finished. Go to the Exxon Video section to see it.

November - 2018. The Christmas video for 2018 has been uploaded. Go to the Exxon video section to see it. In October I wrote this years christmas song, but did not intend to make a video, but after hearing disappointment from friends I decided to make one anyway. Thank you to Bo and Peter for helping me out. Here it is. Enjoy!

August - 2018 - We've finally got a new drummer. A big welcome to Günther Paulsen. Go to the members page to see.

July - 2018 - I've put the CD 'Sleepers' on the Exxon listening page - Enjoy!
It seems more is happening on the site. Bo and I just finished the video to a song I wrote earlier this year - go to the Exxon video side to watch Beyond.

May - 2018 - I've just got some sad news. Our former singer Jørgen Houmann has just passed away in Thailand. Jørgen was one of the founding members of Poppsykosen. Honoured be his name.


To celebrate the singing and the humour of Jørgen Houmann I've put the live recording of the concert with Poppsykosen from the Gilleleje festival 1986. Go to the music section under Poppsykosen to listen - enjoy.

April - 2018 - I have rearranged the page, so it more reflects both the Poppsykosen and the Exxon section. You'll see it on the sidebar to the left.

March - 2018 - It's been quite turbulent lately. We parted with Lars our drummer due to differencies - now we're looking for a replacement. Then my mom died very suddenly. Composing and recording has been put to a hold for some time now. I hope I'll be able to get back to making music again soon.

January - 2018 - Happy New Year - added Secret Gardens to the Exxon listening booth. Enjoy.

December - 2017 - The Christmas song for 2017 has been uploaded on Youtube. Go to Video 2 to see it .

November - 2017 - Live video from our performance at the Metronome, Frederiksberg is now on the Videos 1 page - enjoy!

Poppsykosen will participate in Start! Frb's 5 years anniversary with a half hour koncert in Metronomen, Godthåbsvej 33, Frederiksberg, Saturday the 18 of November, 17:30.

September - 2017 - Poppsykosen in concert. September 16 at 14 o'clock we'll be playing live at Tårnby library, Kamillevej 10, 2770 Kastrup. If the weather is good (not raining) it'll be outdoors else indoors. Come and see us - it's free.

July - 2017 - Back in 2009 I experimented with Trance like music on the CD "Only in Dreams". Thus I made series of Dreamscapes. Dreamscape 2 caught our bassists attention. He suggested that we played it the band. I suggested Bo the we made an animated video to the music. Go to the video section to see it.

Put the CD Indigo on the listening page - enjoy!

June - 2017 - Afterwards - Live in the studio - go to video page to watch.

An introduction video to Poppsykosen has been put on the video page.

Wimpy - Live in the studio - go to video page to watch.

A new video "Frederiksbergsangen". Origianlly written by a band called "Fire på stribe". I have rewritten the song in minor and made a video for a contest. Go to the video section to watch.

April - 2017 - A new video has been made by Bo Rasmussen. Go to the video section to watch "Amend the Past".

March - 2017 - For the first time the first CD recorded by Poppsykosen is available here. Go to "Music 2" to listen. Enjoy!

January - 2017 - Happy New Year - added Cosmic Prison to the listening booth. Enjoy. Added my latest Video-Epic "Game of Infinity". Go to the video section to see it.

December - 2016 - after nearly one and a half year since Leif and I decided to reform the band, our lineup is now complete and is as follows.

Bruno Petersen - Vocal and Flute.
Lars Jønsson - Drums.
Anders Oehlenschlæger - Bass.
Leif Eriksen - Keyboards.
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitar.

November - 2016 - In the start of September I had a terrible bicyle crash, which confined me to my apartment for two months. Lately I've started rehearsing with my band again. I also managed to finish the epic I was working on (Game of Infinity) and after that I made another epic (Dreamtime) and lately I've written and recorded the annual Christmas song. Bo and I are in the process of making a video to Game of Infinity, which will be oploaded as soon as we've finished it - maybe this year or in the start of 2017.

July - 2016 - Moon People (CD) has been added to the EXXON box-set page. Enjoy!

May - 2016 - Added the new video "Paradise Lost" on the video page. Go to the video section to see it.

February - 2016 - Niels Ottesen left us for personal reasons. Anders Oehlenschlæger - Bass, who was introduced to us last monday, stays with us.

January - 2016 - Sad Café (CD) has been added to the EXXON box-set page. Enjoy! We're also proud to present our new drummer Niels Ottesen. A photo has been put on the members page.

December - 2015 - The Christmas aerobic-song (Santaerobic) has been uploaded on the samples page in the Feels like Christmas section. A video has also been made. Go to the video section to see it.

November - 2015 - The Christmas song (Heavy Christmas) for 2015 has been uploaded on the samples page in the Feels like Christmas section. A video has been made. Go to the video section to see it.

October - 2015 - Added the CD Time to the EXXON box-set - go to the page to listen!

August - 2015 - finished the next CD (Moon People). Cover and song titles are put up on the discography page. Late august, we parted our ways with Max and are now looking for replacements.

June - 2015 - Added True Blood to the Box-set - go to the page to listen!

June - 2015 - Due to health issues our drummer and singer Jørgen Jakobsen was forced to leave us. We now seek a replacement for him.

January - 2015 - Fairy Dust (CD) has been added to the EXXON box-set page. Enjoy!

November - 2014 - Recorded and added a new Christmas song (I don't like Christmas) - to the listening booth in the Feels like Christmas section - Happy Christmas :-)

October - 2014 - Added Virtigo to the Box-set - go to the page to listen! - finished the next CD (True Blood). Cover and song titles are put up on the discography page.

July - 2014 - Added Hotel Caravan to the Box-set - go to the page to listen! - finished the next CD (Fairy Dust). Cover and song titles are put up on the discography page.

April - 2014 - finished the next CD (Vertigo). Cover and song titles are put up on the discography page. Put Maiden Voyage (CD) in the EXXON box-set page (the listening booth) - enjoy!

March - 2014  ...and then there were four... Last month our lead vocalist and founding member Jørgen Houmann decided to leave Poppsykosen due to musical differencies. We wish him the all the best for the future. At the moment our drummer Jørgen Jakobsen will try to take over the vocal duties.

January - 2014 - Civil War (CD) has been added to the EXXON box-set page. Enjoy!

June - 2013 - Serve Yourself (CD) has been added to the EXXON box-set page. Enjoy!

January - 2013 - More music has been added to the EXXON box-set page (the listening boot). This goes for the CD's "Book of Lies" and "The summer of our Lives". Enjoy!

August - 2012 - Kåre our drummer who stayed with us for 10 years left us in early spring. We asked our former drummer Jørgen Jakobsen if he'd like to come back. He did, but would first like to see how things worked out. So now after almost a half a year, I assume he'll stay with us for the time being.

The next CD I've made - named "Living on the Edge" is now on the listening page.

December - 2011 - I have never written a Christmas song before and never thought I'd be writing one, but there's a first time for everything. I further more decided to make a video for it - go see it in the video section.

October - 2011 - time flies and three more CD's have been written "Come with me", "Keep Smiling" and "Hunted Animal". They can all be found on the listening page.

July - 2010 - It's been over a year since I've written anything on this space. That does not mean that I haven't done anything. In the mean time I've finished a CD. I've actually finished a lot of CD's. They have been put on the Discography page, but more interesting (I think). I've put them in the listening booth, which I now have named the The EXXON Box-set. There are now 14 CD's of music which contains all I've ever written and more, since a CD with cover-songs also is included. Now go there and Listen your heart out!

May - 2009 - From late 2008 we've been talking about playing a concert on behalf of the DK-Prog-List's 10th anniversary. The Prog-List is discussion group on the internet, which is meant to bring together people who are interested in Progressive Rock. I've been member of this list since its start. Finally in April 2009 after som obstacles, we were able to carry out the concert. Go the the picture-secton to see pictures from the concert or watch a video in the video section.

August - 2008 - After I completed Major Arcana, I wanted to write some light music - some simple pop songs. But I soon started experimenting - not in the progressive vein. I wanted to do something completely different. So I started experimenting with Drum'n'Bass, Trance, Electronica etc. It resulted in 12 songs which are contained in the CD "In Statu Nascendi". Go to the Discography and the samples section to learn more.

March - 2008 - I've added The Great Divide to the Remix & Remaster series. The Great Divide epic itself has been added a whole new section. Go to the samples section to see and listen.

Preben Krogh 17.03.1956 - 01.09.2006

January - 2008 - I have just recieved some sad news. Preben Krogh, who played with us from 1983-85, has passed away. Actually he died in 2006, but we haven't been in contact with him since he suddenly left way back then. A Friend of his stumbled across this page and sent me an email telling the sad news. Preben's contribution to Poppsykosens music was a beautiful and sensitive song called Requiem for a Junkie. In the memory of Preben Krogh I have put his song in the listening boot. Check it out.

January - 2008 - Right after the release of "Brave New World" I started writing music. This time I did not want to just write some new songs, so I just started writing for the fun of it to see where I was going. When I had written like 20 minutes of music, I thought, however, I needed to come up with a theme, a story or.... I needed something to write about, a frame to contain this music. So I went searching for an idea.

For many years I have owned a deck of Tarot Cards (Raider Waite). The Tarot Cards are divided into two series: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. While Minor Arcana is almost similar to normal playing cards (4 colors), Major Arcana consists of 22 unique cards. I organized the music I had written so far and connected it to some of the cards and started to write more. I also went through Tarot books for interpretations of the cards to get ideas for the lyrics. Only three of the cards are instrumental.

In between I worked on the Remix and Remaster series. I also worked with a friend to make him put vocals on the songs, but in the end he could only find time to make some test recordings. These recordings ended up as the bonustrack on the album. By the end of 2007 I decided it was time to finish the album so here it is. Go to the listening boot to hear it.

April - 2007 - The next CD in the Remix & Remaster series is ready for you to enjoy. Go to the samples section to listen and to the Discography section for more information.

March - 2007 - Finished the first CD in the Remix & Remaster series. Sinking was the first CD where I started using Cubase for both Midi and Audio. The last six songs on Sinking were recorded by using Cubase, only the first four songs was not recorded this way and thus I had to re-record guitars and vocals. Jørgen Houmann, lead singer in Poppsykosen, has put down vocals on two of the songs. Back in the 90ties, I didn't have som much space on my harddrives, so I burned a cd with the recordings. Now I've got plenty of space and the old recordings have been loaded into Cubase again (a much more recent version though) and have been treated with the newest plugins and VST-instruments. Go to the sample section to listen.

February - 2007 - Created a profile on Myspace go to www.myspace.com/poppsykosen to see. 

December - 2006  - Now follows my last album "Brave New World" in the listening booth. Right now I'm remixing the albums "The Great Divide" and "Magnum Opus" also for the listening booth - hopefully for you to enjoy - Merry Christmas!!!

November - 2006 - I've made the whole album Plane of Justice available for listening on the sample page - enjoy!

October - 2006 - I've moved Web-Hotel. Now I can have more songs in the listening booth for you to enjoy. For now I've just revamped the listening booth to contain more songs. The content will come later.

September - 2006 - I've decided to put the title track "Brave New World" from my latetst CD in the listening boot. So go there and enjoy.

July - 2006 - I've decided to be satisfied with the current mastering of Brave New World and I've added it to the Discography page. Go see the Discography page for more info. the Listening boot will also have a song from the album soon.

June - 2006 - Yes, there will be a Bonus track. The little song I wrote 25 years ago has been rearranged and recorded and mixed. It's from the period I wrote in danish and it's called Søndag det' dejligt, which means Sunday it's lovely. It's a bit quirky lyric dealing with a sunday afternoon on an old people's home.

May - 2006 - For almost a year now, I've been writing and recording new songs. The songs are of course for my next CD, which I've called "Brave New World". I've named the CD (as always) after one of the songs on it.
It was my intention to write some less complicated songs as opposed to the last CD, where I dabbled with odd meters in many of the songs. I'm afraid that the songs did not get less complicated despite that they mostly run in 4/4. Well I guess one can't win them all.....
The tracklisting goes like this.
1. Intro Psyk 2 - back in 1984 I wrote the first "Intro Psyk". It was meant to be an instrumental starter when we we're out playing. This Intro Psyk starts off the new cd.
2. Out Of My Mind - a song about the necessety of getting rid of bad thoughts.
3. Who Can Say? - is dealing with the vast Mind-Body-Spirit movement/maket in which some people, to me, seems much familiar with, perhaps too much to be reliable.
4. Brave New World - this song will be the title song of the CD. It deals with the book written by Aldous Huxley. After been reading it last summer I felt like writing a song about the story line.
5. Remember? - A song about remembering who we really are - if it's possible.
6. Lost - about getting lost in the search for the meaning of life.
7. Outro Psyk - an instrumental closing of the CD.
Will there be a bonus track for this CD? At the moment I'm looking into a song I wrote 25 years ago. It was an idea of making a little piece for 4-voice choir. If it turns out well - it'll be added as a bonus track.

October - 2005 - Added two songs to the listening boot. Plane of Mischief and Plane of Justice. Enjoy!

April - 2005 - I have now finished the new CD and named it Plane of Justice. Go to Discography to see details. Further more I've put a song ("Afterwards") in the listening boot and removed the old one which was an old mix - it appears on the new CD in an entirely new mix and remaster.

March - 2005 - 2004 turned out to be an anno horribilis. It started out so well. I was composing new songs for the next CD and for the band to rehearse. By summer I had 4 new songs and the most of what would be the epic of the CD. When I look back on it I know I must have been in at period of stress. It was sure a tough song to write. A lot of time-changes and a lot of decisions to be made. Should I follow my heart or should I aim at making it more accessible for the band to play. Suddenly in August I got a call from my brother that our dad was seriously ill. I managed to go see him at the hospital and he died shortly after. I was devastated. First I thought I could write myself out of it. I started to write a song, but changed it to a sappy love song. I sought therapy, which I am still attending and it seems that time will mitigate the loss after all. Then I decided to include an old song that Kåre wanted to play. It was a piece from the "Requiem for de døde høns" suite that I wrote some extra pieces for and found a new name for. I recorded the guitar part and mixed it. Still I didn't feel I had enough material for a CD (I think a CD lenght should be around 50-60 minutes). So in January 2005 I started to write the last song. The CD list would now be.
1 Plane of Mischief
2 Never Again
3 Still I keep lying
4 As the water flows
5 Plane of Justice
6 Now that you're gone
7 Velvet Voyage
8 Afterwards
9 Never again (transposed)
Though the band has not been rehearsing much of this new material, Jørgen our lead vocalist requested Never Again to be transposed one tone up. His range is a bit higher than mine. Therefore I have played a little with the song and pitch shifted the audio takes and thus got a new version of the song, which is included as a bonus track.

April - 2004 - As you must know by now, this page has moved... to www.poppsykosen.dk. The advantages are obvious. Easy name to remember, but the biggest advantage: more space. To celebrate this I've put a new song in the listening booth. After spending more than a year revamping midi-files I've finally begun writing new material. Not that we really need it - got plenty of songs to play already - but sometimes it's nice to create new things. The song is called "Plane of Mischief". Go to the sample section to listen.

March - 2004 - A year went by so quickly. I've been revamping the MIDI-versions of my compositions. Including old compositions, which have never before been put on MIDI. We've also been working in the rehearsal-studio setting gear up for recordings using my MIDI-files. Lastly I've got myself a digital camera to shoot new photos of the band members. Check out the members page. Our drummer Kåre has finally got his photo on the web-site!!!!

December 2002 - Finished the re-recording (remixing, mastering and booklet making) of "Sig du vil ha' mig", which has been named "Sig du vil ha' mig - II" - very inventive isn't it? Go to the discography page for more details.

November 2002 - In October I asked Kåre Christer of Das Tote Calzone if he'd care to join us and take over the drum seat. We've rehearsed a few times and everything seems to work just fine. So I hope he'll stay.

October 2002 - I've been working all summer on restoring old songs on midi format and decided to have our leadsinger put vocals on. So acctually what I'm doing now, is rerecording songs from our first CD.

September 2002 - Unfortunately our drummer Jørgen Jakobsen after 19 years decides to leave. We're now looking for a replacement. If we succeed the band will carry on, if not - maybe we all will call it quits.
Just at the same time Jørgen tells his bad news - I bought a new guitar - an ESP LTD MH-301. You can see it on the Guitar page.

April 2002 - Put the song "Can't kill the Beast" on the sample page and removed the old song bits.

March 2002 - Finished remixing and mastering "The Great Divide". Go to the discography page to see. Sound bits will come up later, when I've decided what to pick. Due to space shortage, I'll have to take away the old sound bits.

December 2001 - began remixing the songs and working more on the booklet

November 2001 - Finished writing and recording the last song for my CD. I now have six songs spanning aprox. 52 min. The six songs are:
1. Alienated - a song about not being true to one self
2. Can't kill the Beast - about EverQuest and also about the beast within
3. ...And the Cattle marched on... - about being a follower
4. Frozen Shadows - more like a painting with words... also about not being able to go on
5. The Great Divide - a zone in EverQuest, which I wrote this epic about
6. I never could reach You - more like a requiem
I've also began making the artwork for the cd, which will be named after the epic and thus called The Great Divide

September 2001 - Got a B4 software Hammond organ - trying it out. Began writing comments on the CD's on the Discography page.

August 2001 - I'm currently in the process of composing and recording my forthcomming CD.