The EXXON Box-set

After been working for some quite some time, I can now present the work of my life. You can see this as an online box-set. All songs are not in precise chronological order, since I did not know that I'd in the end be recording all the material I've written, but start at the bottom and work you way up to present time or start anywhere you wish :-)
All songs are copyrighted by KODA.
You can get more info by clicking on the album covers.

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Beneath the Surface
(c) 2021

Beneath the Surface
   a. Beneath the surface
   b. Fever waves (instrumental)
   c. Strange creatures
   d. Whisper a prayer
   e. Swirling clouds (instrumental)
   f. Going down
   g. Keep up
   h. Beneath the surface (reprise)
   i. Above (instrumental)


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Step by step


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The Play


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(c) 2021


   a. Forever springtime
   b. Traveling (instrumental)
   c. Exploit
   d. Paradise
   e. The world is a dump
   f. Sunset explosion (instrumental)
   g. Fly from here
   h. Forever springtime (reprise)
   i. Ad Astra (instrumental)


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Watch the Fire


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Apples and Oranges


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Missing Pieces
(c) 2021

Missing Pieces
   a. Flashback
   b. Missing piece 1 (instrumental)
   c. Trails in the sand
   d. Ten seconds
   e. I left
   f. Pop life
   g. Missing piece 2 (instrumental)
   h. Flashback (reprise)
   i. Missing piece 3 (instrumental)


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Fly On


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All gone


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Pieces of Yesterday


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Journey Within
(c) 2020

Journey Within
   a. No love
   b. Fade away
   c. Journey within (instrumental)
   d. Missing out
   e. Was it worth it
   f. No love (reprise)
   g. Continue (instrumental)


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Falling out


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Move on


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Into the Void


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In My Mind


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Path of Dreams


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Stay Home
(c) 2020

Statues in the Rain (instrumental) 2:05 Click Here
Stay Home 5:06 Click Here
Indoor Games


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I don't wanna know


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Broken Toy


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Outside My Window


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Night People
(c) 2020

Night People
a. Night People
   b. Sleepy Lanterns (instrumental)
   c. Running out of time
   d. Here it comes
   e. Mistake
   f. Failsafe (instrumental)
   g. You broke my Heart
   h. Living for the moment
   i. Night People (reprise)


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Panic Room
   a. Panic Room
   b. The outside world (instrumental)
   c. Safe spot
   d. Hypocrite
   e. Look away (instrumental)
   f. Waiting for good times
   g. Sunshine (instrumental)
   h. Don't be silly
   i. Panic Room (reprise)
   j. Help wanted (instrumental)


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You're the sun
   a. You're the sun
   b. Time and space (instrumental)
   c. There's no way
   d. Restless (instrumental)
   e. Dark times
   f. Going home
   g. Crystals (instrumental)
   h. Faith
   i. Light worker
   j. You're the sun (reprise)
   k. Fading lights (instrumental)
22:55 Click here
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Silent Drama
(c) 2019

Silent Drama
   a. Silent Drama
   b. Blue sky (instrumental)
   c. Fly on the wall
   d. The sun is standing still
   e. Sunday all over the World
   f. Celestial Abattoir
   g. Silent Drama (reprise)


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All over


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Blue Horizon


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Too far away


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You shine


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Empty Swing


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(c) 2019

   a. Lighthouses
   b. Signals
   c. Don't you dare me
   d. Call of the Void (instrumental)
   e. Secrets
   f. Foggy mind (instrumental)
   g. Run away
   h. Floating (instrumental)
   i. On the way back home
   j. Lighthouses (reprise)
23:16 Click here
Faces in the Window


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Ships in the night


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End of Tomorrow


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They're all gone


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(c) 2018

Rambling 8:28 Click here
Second floor victim 7:41 Click here
Frozen tears 8:15 Click here
Day in and day out 7:38 Click here
Carousel 7:13 Click here
   a. Daniel
   b. Orphans of Babylon
   c. Nebuchadnezzar (instrumental)
   d. Babylon
   e. Marduk (instrumental)
   f. Babylon Airport
   g. Daniel (reprise)
21:26 Click here
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Rebel Angel
(c) 2018

Rebel Angel
   a. Rebel Angel
   b. Follow the money
   c. Invisible Prison (instrumental)
   d. Kal-el
   e. Abaddon (instrumental)
   f. Nephilim
   g. Separate ways
   h. Demigod
   i. Second Chance
   j. Rebel Angel (reprise)

Click here
World of Angels 5:53 Click here
Rapture 7:06 Click here
Fly like an Angel 6:46 Click here
It doesn't work anymore 9:07 Click here
Wall of Light 11:03 Click here
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Fortuna Road
(c) 2018

Fortuna Road
   a. Fortuna Road
   b. Happy music
   c. Further on up the road I (instrumental)
   d. Boredom
   e. The Dark House
   f. Further on up the road II (instrumental)
   g. More than half way
   h. Fortuna Road (reprise)
   i. Dead End
26:05 Click here
Growing old together 5:33 Click here
Follow the light 7:13 Click here
Beyond 5:26 Click here
Looking for the truth 7:01 Click here
Leaving for good 9:20 Click here
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A Summer Day
(c) 2017

A Summer Day
   a. A Summer Day
   b. Playing rough
   c. Fainting (instrumental)
   d. Fever dreams
   e. Walking in the Light
   f. Waking
   g. A Summer Day (reprise)
   h. Evening dew (instrumental)
20:35 Click here
Brighter Day 9:03 Click here
Someday 7:06 Click here
Day without end 9:13 Click here
Daydream 7:35 Click here
Into the Night 10:14 Click here
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Mirror Show
(c) 2017

Mirror Show
   a. Mirror show
   b. Vanishing Point (instrumental)
   c. Reflections on the rebound
   d. Identical twins
   e. Hide and seek
   f. Mirror show (reprise)
   g. Empty mirror (instrumental)
22:13 Click here
Illusion 6:37 Click here
Amend the past 7:48 Click here
Starlight Dancer 7:34 Click here
Nexus of Time 6:40 Click here
Broken Mirror 11:41 Click here
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(c) 2016

Sleepers (2018 remix)
   a. Sleepers
   b. Behind the screen (instrumental)
   c. Join me in my dream
   d. Riding on the wind of thoughts
   e. Never going back
   f. Sleepers (reprise)
   g. Outside (instrumental)
23:01 Click here
Game of Infinity
   a. Game of infinity
   b. Winter is coming
   c. Fatal attraction
   d. Experience (instrumental)
   e. Love on the battlefield
   f. Awkward
   g. Game of infinity (reprise)
   h. End game (instrumental)
21:34 Click here
   a. Dreamtime
   b. Shadows of a City
   c. Subterraneans
   d. Life in the bush
   e. Mulkurul (instrumental)
   f. Dreamtime (reprise)
   g. Dream on (instrumental)
23:13 Click here
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Secret Gardens
(c) 2016

Paradise Lost
   a. Paradise Lost
   b. The path less traveled (instrumental)
   c. Where did I go wrong
   d. Netherworlds (instrumental)
   e. Forever disgraced
   f. Solitude (instrumental)
   g. Paradise Lost (reprise)
22:43 Click here
Secret Gardens 5:09 Click here
Oasis 7:09 Click here
Emerald City 7:24 Click here
Secondhand Paradise 5:17 Click here
   a. Gethsemane
   b. The oily way (instrumental)
   c. The night goes on
   d. Night dust I (instrumental)
   e. How could you
   f. Night dust II (instrumental)
   f. Gethsemane (reprise)
17:40 Click here

(c) 2016


Song Time Listen
   a. You can be a star
   b. Zodiac (Instrumental)
   c. Constellations
   d. You can be a star (reprise)
15:58 Click here
Akasha 7:26 Click here
Indigo 6:40 Click here
What Planet 6:56 Click here
Life on Earth 7:06 Click here
Star People
   a. Star people
   b. You left me
   c. City of light (instrumental)
   d. Amnesia
   e. Alien walk (instrumental)
   f. Social behavior
   g. I'm singing alone
   h. Cosmic rain, Part 1 & 2 (instrumental)
   i. Star people (reprise)
   j. I wanna go home
27:06 Click here

Cosmic Prison
(c) 2016


Song Time Listen
Cosmic Prison
   a. Cosmic Prison
   b. Disturbing lights
   c. Parallel Worlds (instrumental)
   d. Where is Heaven
   e. Meteor storm (instrumental)
   f. Light-years away
   g. Black hole (instrumental)
   h. Worm hole (instrumental)
   i. Cosmic Prison (reprise)
   j. Lonely planet
24:07 Click here
Changes 6:29 Click here
Broken China 6:31 Click here
Boundaries 6:25 Click here
Phantom Zone 7:44 Click here
Empty space 11:02 Click here

Moon People
(c) 2015


Song Time Listen
Moon People 7:45 Click here
Valley of the Moon 8:08 Click here
Walking dead 8:00 Click here
Moonlight Serenade 8:24 Click here
I talk to the Moon 6:32 Click here
Living on the Moon
   a. Living on the Moon
   b. Eternal night
   c. Confinement
   d. Electric sheep (instrumental)
   e. Live long and prosper
   f. Living on the Moon (reprise)
   g. Moon stones (instrumental)
   h. God is gone
26:58 Click here

Sad Café
(c) 2015



Song Time Listen
Sad Café
   a. Sad Café
   b. Future days (instrumental)
   c. Calling home
   d. Dismay (instrumental)
   e. Message of love
   f. Smile
   g. Break down
   h. Sad Café (reprise)
   i. Empty chair (instrumental)
24:34 Click here
Latte 8:15 Click here
Waiting on you 7:13 Click here
Main Actors 7:30 Click here
Waitress 7:33 Click here
Where do we go from here 8:15 Click here

(c) 2015


Song Time Listen
   a. Time
   b. Turn back time (instrumental)
   c. Void
   d. Someday
   e. Waiting room
   f. Traveling
   g. Broken watch
   h. Time (reprise)
   i. Eternity (instrumental)
26:20 Click here
The Floor 8:44 Click here
I Repeat Myself 7:30 Click here
Reset My Heart 7:28 Click here
In Vain 7:48 Click here
Wait for me 6:53 Click here

True Blood
(c) 2014

Song Time Listen
True Blood 6:10 Click here
Anemic 8:40 Click here
Bon Temps 9:35 Click here
Lilith 6:58 Click here
Rise in the light 7:09 Click here
   a. Cul-de-sac
   b. Moving windows
   c. Too far away
   d. Hunger
   e. The black space (instrumental)
   f. Cul-de-sac (reprise)
   g. Rest in peace
24:35 Click here

Fairy Dust
(c) 2014


Song Time Listen
No Strings Attached 6:15 Click here
Fairy dust
   a. Fairy dust
   b. Peter Pan
   c. Tinkerbell
   d. Neverland
   e. First star (instrumental)
   f. Second star
   g. Fairy dust (reprise)
22:25 Click here
Apparition 7:51 Click here
Through the Dimension
   a. Through the dimension
   b. Drowning in my sleep
   c. Intruders (instrumental)
   d. Sunlight through the water
   e. Shapes in the night
   f. Forever running

g. Through the dimension (reprise)
23:48 Click here
Volatile beings 6:45 Click here

(c) 2014

Song Time Listen
   a. Vertigo
   b. Lombard Street (instrumental)
   c. Falling from grace
   d. The great imposter
   e. How can you love me?
   f. Vertigo (reprise)
   g. The beauty in the mist (instrumental)
22:25 Click here
Trapped 8:08 Click here
Cruising 7:45 Click here
Driving 6:30 Click here
The Future
   a. Deep space (instrumental)
   b. The future
   c. The past
   d. Subspace (instrumental)
   e. The present
   f. 2.000 light years
   g. Deep space (reprise, instrumental)
21:05 Click here

Hotel Caravan
(c) 2014


Song Time Listen
Revolving Doors 7:44 Click here
Hotel Caravan
    a. The lobby
    b. Stay in touch
    c. A different floor
    d. Through the dessert
    e. The corridors
    f. Hotel Caravan (instrumental)
    g. The lobby (reprise)
    h. It never leaves you (instrumental)
25:22 Click here
Room 101 8:22 Click here
The Lift 6:38 Click here
Dirty Laundry 6:52 Click here
Room with a view 8:45 Click here

Maiden Voyage
(c) 2013


Song Time Listen
Caged in 5:56 Click here
The good life 6:50 Click here
Summer and sun 4:23 Click here
Shipwrecked 7:01 Click here
The Promised Land
    a. The promised Land
    b. Milk and Honey
    c. The promised land (reprise)
8:05 Click here
Whipped to Love 5:23 Click here
Should I go? 6:17 Click here
Maiden Voyage
    a. Maiden Voyage
    b. The Captain's table
    c. The party lounge
    d. The moon and the sea
    e. The mighty waves
    f. Where ships are coming home to die
    g. Maiden Voyage (reprise)
22:13 Click here

Civil War
(c) 2013


Song Time Listen
Civil war
    a. Behind the lines
    b. In the trench
    c. Truce 1 (instrumental)
    d. The enemy within
    e. Hostage
    f. Truce 2 (instrumental)
    g. Civil war
    h. All is lost
    i. Peace (instrumental)
    j. Behind the lines (reprise)
25:22 Click here
Crocodiles 8:28 Click here
Rise and fall 8:38 Click here
Camouflage 5:52 Click here
Replaced 6:59 Click here
Fields of green 7:55 Click here

Serve Yourself
(c) 2013


Song Time Listen
Fast food 5:28 Click here
Serve yourself 5:06 Click here
Tables are turning
    a. Tables are turning
    b. Behind the curtain
    c. Playing the game
    d. Candlelight supper
    e. Empty tables
    f. Tables are turning (reprise)
23:42 Click here
Memories 10:30 Click here
Blue rays 8:34 Click here
    a. Leftovers
    b. Contemplating
    c. The old gramophone
    d. Leftovers (reprise)
9:06 Click here

The Summer of Our Lives
(c) 2012


Song Time Listen
Hey People 4:06 Click here
The summer of our lives 13:03 Click here
Tall trees 5:41 Click here
Breeding a monster 8:10 Click here
A normal life 8:22 Click here
The summer's gone
    a. The summer's gone
    b. Refugee
    c. Silent rain (instrumental)
    d. Bus stop shelter
    e. Hail storm (instrumental)
    f. The summer's gone (reprise)
20:22 Click here
Leaves 4:25 Click here

Book of Lies
(c) 2012


Song Time Listen
Living a lie (2015 remix) 5:10 Click here
Book of lies 8:01 Click here
Filthy lies 3:44 Click here
Imaginary Friends 7:21 Click here
Tell the truth 3:00 Click here
In the wake of the silence 6:45 Click here
Perdition 2:55 Click here
Believe 4:12 Click here
Wasted Away
    a. Driving in the night
    b. Careless
    c. A moment (instrumental)
    d. Free and easy
    e. Happy dancing
    f. The blue room (instrumental)
    g. Reaching out for love
    h. Dancing madly (instrumental)
    i. Reaching out for love (reprise)
    j. Driving in the night (reprise)
    k. Wasted away
21:44 Click here
Tell the truth - dogme mix (bonus) 3:00 Click here

Living on the Edge
(c) 2011


Song Time Listen
Living on the Edge
    a) Living on the edge
    b) Lovers Lane
    c) Life in the balance
    d) A mobile in the wind (instrumental)
    e) Walking in the twilight
    f) A face in the crowd
    g) Diversion
    h) You stole my heart
    i) Trapped (instrumental)
    j) Breaking out (instrumental)
    k) The lonely road
    l) Living on the edge (reprise)
    m) Into the Abyss 
37:14 Click here
Messages 5:04 Click here
No Sweet Ballad 4:18 Click here
Winter in my soul 5:44 Click here
Dancing in the spotlight 5:58 Click here
Goodbye 7:15 Click here

Feels Like Christmas
(Christmas singles)

(c) 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. 2022, 2023

Song Time Listen
Feels Like Christmas 5:25 Click here
Christmas bells 4:05 Click here
Little Candlelight 4:15 Click here
I don't like Christmas 6:33 Click here
Heavy Christmas 4:24 Click here
Santaerobic (instrumental - til en video, som Bo har lavet) 2:19 Click here
Christmas forever 4:35 Click here
Waiting for Christmas 4:37 Click here
Christmas Sleigh 4:32 Click here
Christmas song 5:55 Click here
Christmas alone 4:42 Click here
Celebrating Christmas 3:42 Click here
Candlelight Christmas 3:24 Click here
Heart of Christmas 5:00 Click here
Juleklokker (dansk oversættelse af Christmas bells) - Bonus track 4:05 Click here

Hunted Animal

(c) 2011


Song Time Listen
Silent as a Rock 5:30 Click here
Queen of Cups 6:00 Click here
Space Cowboy 5:05 Click here
Poodle dog 5:00 Click here
Get a hold on your animal 6:31 Click here
Hunted Animal
    a) Hunted animal
    b) In the open
    c) On the run
    d) In the city
    e) On the run (instr. reprise)
    f) Survival of the fittest
    g) Recharging (instrumental)
    h) Hunted animal (reprise)
    i) When I close my eyes
24:01 Click here
Agnus Dei 6:00 Click here
Libera Me 5:00 Click here

Keep Smiling

(c) 2011

Song Time Listen
Keep Smiling 7:07 Click here
Don't you worry 6:17 Click here
Dreams and desires 5:19 Click here
Streams of life 6:33 Click here
Tomorrow 5:17 Click here
Burn the darkness 6:49 Click here
Speak your mind 7:09 Click here
The Four Elements
    a) Rage of the elements
    b) Earth
    c) Water
    d) Air
    e) Fire
    f) Rage of the elements (reprise)
18:50 Click here

Come With Me

(c) 2010


Song Time Listen
Come with me  6:14 Click here
Look at me now  6:33 Click here
The wind blew my thoughts away  5:38 Click here
Carried away  5:30 Click here
Thoughts of love  4:58 Click here
Take me to the water  6:06 Click here
Scream and shout  5:28 Click here
Floating Islands
    a) Offshore
    b) Searching everywhere
    c) Shadow of life
    d) Flotsam & Jetsam pt.1 (instrumental)
    e) Arriving
    f) Flotsam & Jetsam pt.2 (instrumental)
    g) Party of our lives
    h) Floating Islands (instrumental)
    i) The Devil's game
    j) Offshore (reprise)
    k) Sea of loneliness (instrumental)
 20:55 Click here

Looking Out My Window

(c) 2010


Song Time Listen
Looking out my window 6:35 Click here
Fire and water 5:38 Click here
Watching you 4:01 Click here
Look at the sky 4:59 Click here
See the sun 5:27 Click here
Crystal ball 5:38 Click here
Insight (instrumental) 4:32 Click here
Sometimes 8:05 Click here
Standing in line 7:33 Click here
Visions 5:44 Click here
Out of sight 5:13 Click here


Only in Dreams

(c) 2009

Song Time Listen
Only In Dreams 5:55 Click here
Alright 5:10 Click here
Fake 6:22 Click here
Your Eyes 6:02 Click here
Dreamscape 1 4:26 Click here
I Want You 5:06 Click here
This is not what I've been dreaming of 5:47 Click here
Dreamscape 2 6:32 Click here
Nightmare 5:10 Click here
Searching for Dreams 6:46 Click here
Dreamscape 3 5:40 Click here
Dream Eternally 7:15 Click here
Awake 5:21 Click here
Fake (remix 2013) 6:22 Click here





In Statu Nascendi

(c) 2008

Song Time Listen
Hypnotize 6:09 Click here
Where have you been? 5:04 Click here
I want to change 4:37 Click here
Towards the light 5:10 Click here
Rise above 5:10 Click here
Flying (drum'n'bass-mix) 4:49 Click here
Whatever You say 3:33 Click here
My Soul 4:10 Click here
About to be becoming 5:03 Click here
Lonely Fire 4:29 Click here
Golden Cage 4:11 Click here
In Statu Nascendi 2:15 Click here
Flying (alternative extended mix (2015) - bonus) 6:50 Click here

Major Arcana

(c) 2007

Song Time Listen
Major Arcana
1 Ouverture (2:40)
2 The Fool (2:51)
3 The Magician (1:47)
4 The High Priestess (1:25)
5 The Empress (2:19)
6 The Emperor (2:29)
7 The Hierophant (2:51)
8 The Lovers (3:16)
9 The Charriot (2:29)
10 Strenght (3:04)
11 The Hermit (5:36)
12 Wheel of Fortune (1:25)
13 Justice (4:11)
14 The Hanged Man (2:08)
15 Death (0:37)
16 Temperance (4:00)
17 The Devil (3:01)
18 The Tower (2:40)
19 The Star (2:51)
20 The Moon (3:55)
21 The Sun (2:51)
22 Judgement (4:16)
23 The World (3:33)
24 Outro (2:05)
1:08:20 Click here
The Fool (bonus) Søren Skrøder - Vocals 2:52 Click here
On the CD Major Arcana is divided into 24 pieces - an Ouverture, the 22 cards and an outro. Here, however, the MP3 file is not divided.






Brave New World - Remix & Remaster

(c) 2006
(p) 2009





Intro Psyk 2


Click here

Out Of My Mind


Click here

Who Can Say?


Click here

Brave New World


Click here



Click here



Click here

Outro Psyk


Click here

Søndag Det' Dejligt (bonus)


Click here


Plane of Justice - Remix & Remaster

(c) 2005
(p) 2007


Song Time Listen
Plane of Mischief 5:37 Click here
Never Again 6:12 Click here
Still I Keep Lying 7:11 Click here
As The Water Flows 6:32 Click here
Plane of Justice 12:51 Click here
Now That You're Gone 6:44 Click here
Velvet Voyage 5:05 Click here
Afterwards 6:56 Click here
Never Again (transposed - bonus) 6:12 Click here

The Great Divide - Remix & Remaster

(c) 2002
(p) 2007

Song Time Listen
Alienated 7:55 Click here
Can't Kill The Beast 6:35 Click here
And The Cattle Marched On 7:22 Click here
Frozen Shadows 5:43 Click here
The Great Divide
    a) March Of The Giants
    b) A Shard Würm Must Die
    c) In The Kodiak Caves
    d) A Tizmak Warrior Came Across
    e) The Gates Of Thurgadin

    f) Coldain Funk
    g) The Giants Marches Out
20:34 Click here
I Never Could Reach You 7:49 Click here

Magnum Opus - Remix & Remaster

(c) 2000
(P) 2007

Song Time Listen
Magnum Opus
    a) Saturn
    b) Basilisken
    c) Det filosofiske kviksølv
    d) Narcissus
    e) Hverdag igen
    f) Magnum Opus
    g) Epilog
    h) Exvasion
    i) Postludium
18:22 Click here
Dreaming in the Darkness 7:34 Click here
De tusind døre 4:59 Click here
    a) From the darkness
    b) Power
    c) Glory
    d) Warp speed
    e) Intergalactic party down
    f) Entry of the Sun King
    g) Beam me up Scotty (including)
        i) The beaming
        ii) The dark matter
    h) Ordinary man
    i) Power (reprise)
    j) Lament - the last journey
    k) Retirement - A new beginning
22:06 Click here

Your Songs - Remix & Remaster

(p) 2008, 2010, 2019




Pretty  Woman 2:50 Click here
While my guitar gently weeps 5:14 Click here
Angel 5:25 Click here
Your song 3:23 Click here
Got to get you into my life 4:26 Click here
My way 4:30 Click here
I wanna love you 4:30 Click here
A whiter shade of pale 6:43 Click here
Sylvia 3:04 Click here
Cold Turkey 4:51 Click here
House of the king (bonus) 2:24 Click here
Take on me (bonus) 4:04 Click here
Lotus (bonus) 5:33 Click here

Sinking - Remix & Remaster

(c) 1998
(p) 2007



Song Time Listen
After You've Been Gone 4:15 Click here
Civilized Man 4:15 Click here
All That I Want 4:49 Click here
Wimpy 4:05 Click here
Vermillion Tears 4:12 Click here
Going Blind 5:26 Click here
Dance With Me 5:52 Click here
Eagle's Beak 6:20 Click here
Autumn Road 5:41 Click here
Sinking 6:20 Click here

On and on - II

(c) 2010


Song Time Listen
On and on 5:04 Click here
Fuck me Jesus 5:08 Click here
Natten 5:00 Click here
Mirakler 4:55 Click here
Længsler og løgne 7:07 Click here
Dig og mig 4:14 Click here
Bliv dog i nat 4:59 Click here
Memory Lane 5:59 Click here
Mayday 4:34 Click here
Bittersød Natskygge 4:44 Click here
Hvor andre tier (bonus) 5:05 Click here
Ronald Duck (bonus) 2:28 Click here
Den Franske dør (bonus) 4:09 Click here

Karmic Connection - II

(c) 2010


Song Time Listen
Karmic Connection 5:38 Click here
Vishnu 4:33 Click here
Destination Void 5:12 Click here
Phony Nights 5:45 Click here
Love Chaser 4:51 Click here
Obsession 3:34 Click here
Hold fast 4:48 Click here
Exil 5:45 Click here
Du lar' mig altid gå 6:06 Click here
Håbløsheden 5:01 Click here
På sikker grund 4:58 Click here

Exit - II

(c) 2008


Song Time Listen
Måneblod 4:00 Click here
Bound for Eternity 5:38 Click here
Superman 6:22 Click here
Rambo 4:23 Click here
Holder sammen 6:20 Click here
Your Love 3:42 Click here
Elysium 3:59 Click here
Alt er hård business (2013 version) 5:45 Click here
Stået af 6:33 Click here
Exit for en tid 4:29 Click here
På Jagt (incl. frokost i det grønne med en kompatibel pc) (bonus) 7:55 Click here
Den blå time (bonus) 3:28 Click here
De Døde (bonus)
    a. De Døde
    b. Martyrium
        i. Martyrium
        ii. Offertorium
        iii. Martyrsolo + chorus
        iv. Offertorium (reprise)
    c. Deus ex Machina
    d. Pavane
10:23 Click here
Forbi (bonus) 5:05 Click here

Slip Løs! - II

(c) 2008


Song Time Listen
Intropsyk 2:09 Click here
Subway Hero 5:21 Click here
Det næste tog 4:54 Click here
Tusmørkezonen 7:04 Click here
Slip løs 6:24 Click here
Fugl Phønix 8:35 Click here
Livet har sin pris 4:25 Click here
Alene igen 4:25 Click here
Poppsykosen (bonus) 5:03 Click here
Sov nu trygt, mit barn (bonus) 4:12 Click here
Gå din vej (bonus) 4:49 Click here
Tiden (bonus) 5:33 Click here
Strandet (bonus) 5:03 Click here
Sortseer? (bonus) 4:55 Click here
Morgentur (bonus) 3:11 Click here

Sig du vil ha' mig II - Remix & Remaster

(c) 2002
(p) 2008



Song Time Listen
Sig du vil ha' mig 4:22 Click here
Sidpa Bardo 6:30 Click here
Pandoras Box 3:52 Click here
Vi (2018 remix) 6:48 Click here
Tilbage 4:44 Click here
Vokskabinettet 11:25 Click here
Manden med leen 4:27 Click here
Begyndelsen til enden
    a) Ouverture
    b) John D. Hinckley
        i) Et modent samfund (gerningen)
        ii) Vor kærlighed er sand (til døden os skiller)
        iii) Se, nu stiger solen (retsag og dom)
    c) Barockadance (tusindårsriget)
    d) Begyndelsen til enden (indvarslingen)
    e) Ildsøen
    f) Grande finale (det ny Jerusalem)
17:44 Click here
Noah's ark 8:33 Click here
Requiem for en Junkie (bonus) 4:33 Click here
Manden med leen (bonus) (Bruno Petersen - Vocals, 2020) 4:27 Click here


In memory of Preben Krogh 17.03.1956 - 01.09.2006
Requiem for a Junkie
Our lost keyboard player wrote this song.
The song is recorded live in the studio, probably in 1984. Preben is playing the piano.

Song Time Listen
Requiem for en Junkie 4:30 Click here