Exxon - The Summer of Our Lives
Psyko Records 2012 - PCD031
1. Hey People (4:06) Lyrics Chords
2. The summer of our lives (13:03) Lyrics Chords
3. Tall trees (5:41) Lyrics Chords
4. Breeding a monster (8:10) Lyrics Chords
5. A normal life (8:22) Lyrics Chords
6. The summer's gone (20:22)
   a. The summer's gone
   b. Refugee
   c. Silent rain (instrumental)
   d. Bus stop shelter
   e. Hail storm (instrumental)
   f. The summer's gone (reprise)
Lyrics Chords
7. Leaves (4:25) Lyrics Chords
Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Programmings, Vocals and Guitars.

All songs are composed and recorded during May, 2012 - September 2012
Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen


Two of the songs were in the 4Sound competition (1 and 6) without any prizes though. Anyway, most of the songs deals with the summer, which were lousy for June a July and when we reached August, I decided to write the epic "The Summer's gone" the summer actually came. It was a bit hard to write about the missing summer, with the sun baking outside. Well, I enjoyed the summer anyway. :-)

Programmed, recorded and mixed on Steinberg Cubase 6.07 and 6.51

VSTi og plugins:
Native Instruments B4, Pro 53, G-Media M-Tron, Synth1, EVOL, Sylenth1, Aturia Minimoog,  Embracer, Padshop and Steinberg Groove Angent One and HALion Sonic SE. Kjærhus Audio Plugins. Vocal treatment: Steinberg VariAudio. Mastered with IK T-RackS 3 as plug-in from Steinberg WaveLab 7.
Keyboards and soundmodules
Roland D50, CME UF8 and Roland M-GS64 Sound Module.
Hohner G3T, Parker Fly Mojo and Gibson Les Paul DeLuxe
Lexicon MPX 100, MPX 200 and t.c. electronics M360 Reverbs, Behringer Xenyx 2222 FX Mixer, Behringer Ultra Voice Pro and Behringer B2 Microphone. Echo Layla soundcard. Boss GT-3 guitarmultieffect.