Exxon - Magnum Opus
Poppsykosen Antologi VIII
Remix & Remaster

Psyko Records 2007 - PCDRR002
1. Magnum Opus (18:22)
    a) Saturn(L. Eriksen - O.H. Eriksen)
    b) Basilisken
    c) Det filosofiske kviksølv
    d) Narcissus
    e) Hverdag igen
    f) Magnum Opus
    g) Epilog
    h) Exvasion
    i) Postludium
Lyrics Chords
2. Dreaming In The Darkness (7:34) Lyrics Chords
3. De Tusind Døre (4:59) Lyrics Chords
4. Power (22:06)
    a) From the darkness
    b) Power
    c) Glory
    d) Warp speed
    e) Intergalactic party down
    f) Entry of the Sun King
    g) Beam me up Scotty (including)
        i) The beaming
        ii) The dark matter
    h) Ordinary man
    i) Power (reprise)
    j) Lament - the last journey
    k) Retirement - A new beginning
Lyrics Chords
Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars, Vocals, PC Sequencer programmings and Mix

Recorded 1998-2000

1982 (3)
1985 (1)
1998 (4)
1999 (2)

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

As You can see further down this column, the technic evolution goes rather fast. I am now able to take these "old" recordings and work them with the newest technology i.e. new VST-instruments, vocal enhancements, better reverb and even lowering the tempo and so on.

In "Magnum Opus" I've edited out a few bars i the main title section and put some extra bars in the following break.

"Dreaming in the Darkness" has had it's tempo lowered a bit and added some extra bars in the end and finally new closing section.

"De Tusind DÝre" just enhanced vocals and such.

"Power" prolonged the intro and also reworked the "Dark Matter" section and reworked the "Retirement" section.

Here follows old notes:

This CD is the last of the anthology series related to Poppsykosen. In 1998, when I discovered that the progressive movement was having a sort of revival, I decided to allow myself free hands to write whatever I wanted, regardless if we could play it in the band.

I then wrote "Power". I wrote it in "Ballade" the midi-sequencer, I loved the most, but had to part with, since it was old and outdated and was not able to contain the whole song. In fact I had to divide it up in three pieces. These three pieces were then converted to general midi and imported to Cubase, where I put them together.

Back in 1985 I wrote "Magnum Opus". We rehearsed it a lot, but never really got familiar with it. We, however, played it live with no success at all, but luckily recorded the performance. This recording and my notes and memory was the basis for this rendition of the song. It was also written in three pieces like "Power" and put together in Cubase.

In 1999 I got Cubase vers 3.6 and started to convert all my songs, which all were in Ballade format. I also managed to get almost the rest of my song catalogue on midi-format. One of these rare songs was "De Tusind Døre", written back in 1982. A song with a lot of tempo shifts and odd meters and thus hard to play. No one in the band really liked it, so it went quickly out in oblivion. I, however still liked it and saw the possibilities in it, so I recorded it.

"Dreaming in the Darkness" is a new song, which we play today.