Exxon - In Statu Nascendi
Psyko Records 2008 - PCD019
1. Hypnotize (6:09) Lyrics Chords
2. Where Have You Been? (5:04) Lyrics Chords
3. I Want To Change (4:37) Lyrics Chords
4. Towards The Light (5:10) Lyrics Chords
5. Rise Above (5:10) Lyrics Chords
6. Flying (4:49) Lyrics Chords
7. Whatever You say (3:33) Lyrics Chords
8. My Soul (4:10) Lyrics Chords
9. About To Be Becoming (5:03) Lyrics Chords
10. Lonely Fire (4:29) Lyrics Chords
11. Golden Cage (4:11) Lyrics Chords
12. In Statu Nascendi (2:15) Instrumental Chords
13. Flying (alternative-extended-mix) (6:26) (bonus track) Lyrics Chords
Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Programmings, Vocals and Guitars.

All songs composed and recorded in 2008
Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

After finishing Major Arcana late in 2007 I decided to write some ligther stuff. In short I wanted to write a bunch of pop-songs. But it would not last. I soon began experimenting ending up writing and recording Drum'n'Bass, Trance-Electronica stuff. Not all the songs are in that genre, but a few of them are and few are really pop-songs and the rest are in-between.

Programmed, recorded and mixed on Steinberg Cubase 4.

VSTi og plugins:
Native Instruments B4, Pro 53 and Kore Player, G-Media M-Tron, Synth1, EVOL, Sylenth1, Superwavep8, Embracer, Monologue and ToonTrack EZX Drumkit From Hell. Kjærhus Audio Plugins, IK Classic Studio Reverb. Vocal treatment: Celemony Melodyne. Mastered with IK T-RackS as plug-in from Steinberg WaveLab Studio 6.
Keyboards and soundmodules
Roland D50, CME UF8, Roland M-GS64 Sound Module and Roland Fantom XR.
ESP LTD MH 301, Parker Fly Mojo. E-Bow.
Lexicon MPX 100 and MPX 200 Reverbs, Behringer Xenyx 2222 FX Mixer, Behringer Ultra Voice Pro and Behringer B2 Microphone. Echo Layla soundcard. Boss GT-3 guitarmultieffect.