Exxon - The Great Divide
Remix & Remaster
Psyko Records 2007 - PCDRR003
1. Alienated (7:55) Lyrics Chords
2. Can't Kill The Beast (6:35) Lyrics Chords (ver. 2.0)
3. ...And The Cattle Marched On... (7:22) Lyrics Chords
4. Frozen Shadows (5:43) Lyrics Chords
5. The Great Divide (20:34)
    a) March Of The Giants
    b) A Shard Würm Must Die
    c) In The Kodiak Caves
    d) A Tizmak Warrior Came Across
    e) The Gates Of Thurgadin

    f) Coldain Funk
    g) The Giants Marches Out
Lyrics Chords
6. I Never Could Reach You (7:49) Lyrics Chords

Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Midi-programmings, Guitar and Vocals and some synth solos. Mix and Mastering.
All songs wirtten in 2001, exept 1, which was written in 2000.

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

This is just a plain remix & remastering with the usual cleanup of vocals (Melodyne) and ofcourse some harmony vocals here and there. One exception is The Great Divide song itself. I've added a whole section "A Tizmak Worrior Came Across" a small instrumental piece as I've always felt that it needed something to make it more coherent, which I now think it is.

Additional notes: In late 2011 we decided to take up "Can't Kill The Beast" again, but Leif wanted the middle part to be enhanced/prolonged and Kåre wanted the closing section to be prolonged also. So I gave it a try and wrote, recorded and mixed the song to a new version (2.0 if you will).

Here follows old notes:
After finishing Magnum Opus in 2000, I wrote one more song, which would be included on later versions as a bonus track, because I at that time did not want to write and record music anymore.

However in the start of 2001 I felt the urge to write and record more songs, starting with "Can't Kill The Beast". This is a song we play in Poppsykosen. However more inspriration came over me, so I wrote "Cattle", which included a Synth-solo piece written in 7/8 and some heavy bass-lines. The band declined to play it. 

Then I wrote the jazzy "Frozen Shadows", which some in the band found not suitable for the band. At that time I realized that I've written a half an album and then the idea of an epic came up. For more than a year I've been playing EverQuest, an online game. "The Great Divide" is named after a zone in that game and deals with some of the mobs (mobile objects) and places there.

"The Great Divide" is certainly not suitable for the band either. I contains odd meters and almost unplayable breaks. Lastly I thought 'why not make something completly impossible', then I wrote the last song in 11/8.

So "The Great Divide" is something more than just a song and a CD - it's a divide between me and my band.