Exxon - Plane of Justice - Remix & Remaster
Psyko Records 2005 - PCDRR006
1. Plane of Mischief (5:37) Lyrics Chords
2. Never Again (6:12) Lyrics Chords
3. Still I keep lying (7:11) Lyrics Chords
4. As the water flows (6:32) Lyrics Chords
5. Plane of Justice (12:51) Lyrics Chords
6. Now that you're gone (6:44) Lyrics Chords
7. Velvet Voyage (5:05) Instrumental Chords
8. Afterwards (6:56) Lyrics Chords
9. Never again (transposed) (6:12) (bonus track) Lyrics Chords
10. Afterwards (6:38)  (Radio edit, bonus track) Lyrics Chords

Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen.

Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Vocals, guitars, programmings and mix. Remix & Remastering 2007.

Composed and recorded during the period March 2004 - March 2005, except 7, which mainly was composed in 1986, arranged and added parts in 2003.

Afterwards, Radio edit and paratly rerecorded in 2021.

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

Programming, recording and mix: Steinberg Cubase SX.
Native Instruments B4, FM7 and Pro 53, G-Media M-Tron, Synth 1, FalkeLab Stringer.
Remix & Remaster: Celemony Melodyne vocal treatment.
Keyboard and sound module:
Roland D50, Roland M-GS64 Sound Module.
Parker Fly Mojo, ESP LTD MH 301 and Fender Stratocaster.  Boss GT-3 guitar-multieffect.
Steinberg WaveLab,
Kjærhus Audio plugins.
Remix & Remaster: TrackS3 through Wavelab Studio 6

Lexicon MPX 100 and MPX 200 Reverbs, Behringer Mixer, Behringer Ultra Voice Pro and Behringer B2 Microphone. Echo Layla and Mia soundcards.

Afterwards, Radio edit. Paratly rerecorded in 2021 using Cubase 11. Guitars are rerecorded using Steinberger spirit and Kiesel Vader 7. VSTi's Vacuum. Arturia Solina and B-3. G-Media M-Tron Pro. Keyboard and sound module: Roland D50, Roland M-GS64 Sound Module. Vocal treatment: Steinberg Varuiaudio.