Poppsykosen - Sig du vil ha' mig - II
Remix & Remaster

Psyko Records 2008 - PCDRR004
1. Sig du vil ha' mig (4:22) Lyrics Chords
2. Sidpa bardo (6:30) (L. Eriksen - O. H. Eriksen) Lyrics Chords
3. Pandora's box (3:52) Lyrics Chords
4. Vi (6:48) Lyrics Chords
5. Tilbage (4:44) Lyrics Chords
6. Vokskabinettet (11:24) Lyrics Chords
7. Manden med leen (4:27) Lyrics Chords
8. Begyndelsen til enden (17:44)
    a) Ouverture
    b) John D. Hinckley
        i) Et modent samfund (gerningen)
        ii) Vor kærlighed er sand (til døden os skiller)
        iii) Se, nu stiger solen (retsag og dom)
    c) Barockadance (tusindårsriget)
    d) Begyndelsen til enden (indvarslingen)
    e) Ildsøen
    f) Grande finale (det ny Jerusalem)
Lyrics Chords
9. Noah's ark (8:33) Lyrics Chords
10. Requiem for en Junkie (4:33) (Preben Krogh) (Bonus track) Lyrics Chords
11. Manden med leen (4:27) (Bruno Petersen - Vocals (Bonus track) 2020 Lyrics Chords
Music and lyrics where nothing is mentioned: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen.
Jørgen Houmann - Vocal and Harmony vocals
Bruno Petersen - Vocal Manden med leen (bonus)
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars, Guitarsynth., programmings and mix.

1981 (3, 9) 
1982 (8)
1983 (4, 5, 6, 10)
1984 (1, 2, 7)

Recorded in 2002 except 9. which was recorded in 1998 and mixed for this CD in 2002 and 10. which was recorded in 2008.
Bruno recorded his vocal at home.

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

The Remix & Remaster series contains songs which I've recorded some years ago, but since I now have more options to enhance these recordings, I have done so, The exception is the bonus track. When I learnt about the passing of Preben Krogh, I felt a strong urge to re-record his song, which was included on the original "Sig du vil ha' mig" CD. It is now included as a bonus track.

2020 - under a period of illness I asked Bruno to record vocals on "Manden med leen". It went so well that I made a mix and put it up here.

Old notes:
This is a re-recording of Poppsykosen's first CD with the exception of one song - "Requiem for en Junkie" by Preben Krogh - our lost keyboardist. Instead I found a recording of "Noah's ark" which Jørgen Houmann and I recorded back in 1998 for the "Memory Lane" CD. I have put some new instruments (VST) on it and remixed it.

This time around I've used my new VST-instruments including Mellotron, DX7, Prophet 5 and Hammond Organ. On some of the songs I've even used my old Roland Guitarsynth. Some of the songs were only recorded live in the studio way back then. So now was the time to give them a treat.