Exxon - Piratos
Poppsykosen Antologi I
Psyko Records 1997 - PCD005
1. Sov nu trygt mit barn (4:07) Lyrics Chords
2. Siggi's stykke (2:28) (S. Laxdal) Instrumental N/A
3. Guitar-stykke # 1 (1:43) Instrumental N/A
4. Guitar-stykke # 2 (2:10) Instrumental N/A
5. Guitar-stykke # 4 (1:43) Instrumental N/A
6. Poppsykosen (4:33) Instrumental Chords
7. Piratos (5:53) Instrumental N/A
8. Exil (5:42) Lyrics Chords
10. Du la'r mig altid gå (6:51) Lyrics Chords (latest version)
11. På jagt (incl. frokost i det grønne med en kompatibel PC) (7:56) Lyrics Chords
12. De døde (10:07)
    a) De døde
    b) Martyrium
        i) Martyrium
        ii) Offertorium)
        iii) Martyr solo
        iv) Offertorium (reprise)
    c) Deus ex Machina
    d) Pavane
Lyrics Chords
13. Forbi (5:10) Lyrics Chords
Music and lyrics where nothing is mentioned: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
Siggi Laxdal - Bass (1, 2)
Gunner "Plat" - Drums (2)
Max Herager - Bass (6)
Steen "S2ny" Rønne - Drums (6)
Ulla Bugge - Harmony vocal (12d)
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars, Guitar synthesizer (7), Bass, Piano, Crumar Multiman S, Vocal and Programmings

Recorded 1979-1986

1979 (1)
1979/80 (2-5)
1981/82 (6, 7)
1984 (9)
1985 (8, 10, 11)
1986 (12, 13)

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

After making the "Projects" CD, I realized that I had loads of music lying on loads of tapes, which I had spent hours and hours composing, rehearsing and recording. Now they were just lying and rotting scattered on like 20+ tapes. Because the recording technique I used in the start was to ping-pong between two reel to reel tape recorders, I had to go through all these tapes to find the last version of each song and record it on my harddrive.

The CD contains songs from the very start and some songs written for Poppsykosen, of which some, we for some reason never got around to play. Like the song "De døde", which would be the last song in suite form I would write in a very long time.

The first song is the first song I ever wrote and recorded. I wrote it back in 1979 when playing in a former group, but they had no interest in playing it, However Siggi Laxdal, who played bass in that group helped me with it. We played it a lot in Poppsykosen in a slightly changed version, but never got around to record it.

It started out with a metronome and an acoustic guitar, then strings, bass, electric guitar and vocal was added one by one. Lastly Siggi and I carried the tape recorders from my flat to the rehearsal room and got a drummer we knew to add the drums.

Song 2-5 are small pieces meant to be developed to whole songs, but never was. Now I see them as steps in my development as a song writer.

Late in 1981 I bought a Guitar synthesiser. I used it a lot in the early years. Song 7 is a piece made entirely with the synthesizer. Some of the parts from it I later used in an another song.

In 1984 I bought a TR606 drum-machine, which would revolutionize my composing. Now I could build a framework which I could play to, arrange and record.

9. Tiden (5:18)