Exxon - Thumb Tacks
Poppsykosen Antologi II
Psyko Records 1997 - PCD006
1. Slip løs (8:29) Lyrics Chords
2. Det næste tog (5:12) Lyrics Chords
3. Livet har sin pris (4:15) Lyrics Chords
4. Exit for en tid (4:15) Lyrics Chords
5. Måneblod (4:29) Lyrics Chords
6. Elysium (4:57) Lyrics Chords
7. Subway Hero (4:56) Lyrics Chords
8. Superman (5:56) Lyrics Chords
9. Bound for Eternity (5:39) Lyrics Chords
10. Stået af (6:30) Lyrics Chords
11. Alt er hård Business (6:01) Lyrics Chords
12. Thumb Tacks (4:06) Instrumental N/A
Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
Ulla Bugge - Harmony vocal on "Slip løs"
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Crumar Multiman S, Vocal and Programmings

Recorded 1985-1987

1985 (1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 11)
1986 (4, 5, 10)
1987 (8, 9, 12)

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

This CD contains, with the exeption of one number, songs we played in Poppsykosen, of which we managed to record 10. 

The exeption is the last number, which is a strange thing I made with some of the new equipment I bought in 1987 - A Roland D-50 Synthesizer and a Kawai R-50 Drum-machine. The Synthesizer had some strange loops which I used for making "Thumb Tacks".

By the middle of the 80's I realized that the time for long suites were over (at least it seemed that way). So I started writing shorter songs in the hope that we could get more jobs, which did not happen after all.