Exxon - Fairy Dust
Psyko Records 2014 - PCD037
No Strings Attached 6:15 Lyrics Chords
Fairy dust 22:25
    a. Fairy dust
    b. Peter Pan
    c. Tinkerbell
    d. Neverland
    e. First star (instrumental)
    f. Second star
    g. Fairy dust (reprise)
Lyrics Chords
Apparition 7:51 Lyrics Chords
Through the Dimension 23:48
a. Through the dimension
    b. Drowning in my sleep
    c. Intruders (instrumental)
    d. Sunlight through the water
    e. Shapes in the night
    f. Forever running
    g. Through the dimension (reprise)
Lyrics Chords
Volatile beings 6:45 Lyrics Chords
Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Programmings, Vocals and Guitars.

All songs are composed and recorded during May - July 2014
Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen


Fairy Dust is partly based on Peter Pan and other fairy tales, Sci-fi and other eerie things.

Programmed, recorded and mixed on Steinberg Cubase 7.50

VSTi og plugins:
Native Instruments B4, Pro 53, G-Media M-Tron, Synth1, EVOL, Sylenth1, Embracer, and Steinberg Groove Angent One and HALion Sonic SE. Kjærhus Audio Plugins. Vocal treatment: Steinberg VariAudio. Mastered with T-RackS CS as plug-in from Steinberg WaveLab 8.
Keyboards and soundmodules
Roland D50, CME UF8 and Roland M-GS64 Sound Module.
Steinberger Spirit and Caparison Horus.
Lexicon MPX 100,  and t.c. electronics M360 Reverbs, dbx 266XL compressor, Behringer Xenyx 2222 FX Mixer,  dbx 376 Tube Channel Strip and Røde NT2A Microphone. Echo Layla soundcard. Boss GT-3 guitarmultieffect.