Exxon - Your Songs
Poppsykosen Antologi VII
Psyko Records 1998 - PCD011
1. Pretty Woman (2:48) (Roy Orbison) Lyrics Chords
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (5:02) (George Harrison) Lyrics Chords
3. Angel (4:57) (Jimi Hendrix) Lyrics Chords
4. Your Song (4:22) (Elton John - Bernie Taupin) Lyrics Chords
5. Got To Get You Into My Life (3:19) (Lennon - McCartney) Lyrics Chords
6. My Way (4:27) (J. Reveaux - C. Francois) Lyrics Chords
7. I Wanna Love You (4:27) (Delbert McClinton) Lyrics Chords
8. A Whiter Shade Of Pale (6:39) (Gary Brooker - Keith Ried) Lyrics Chords
9. Sylvia ( 3:02) (Thijs van Leer) Instrumental Chords
10. Cold Turkey (4:48) (John Lennon) Lyrics N/A
Jørgen Houmann - Vocals
Leif Eriksen - Piano (4)
Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars, Backing vocal (8, 9), PC sequencer programmings and Mix

Recorded 1993 (2), 94/98 (1, 3), 94 (3) and 98 (5-10)
Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

In the late 80's we began taking up cover songs. We all had to agree on each song, however, not all of the songs on this CD were played in Poppsykosen. After making the last CD ("Memory Lane"), I talked to Jørgen H. about him coming around to add vocals on some takes I've made of cover songs. He suggested then, that we should make a full-lenght CD with cover songs. Since we didn't have enough for a full-lenght CD, we had to pick up some more. Here I'll go into comments on each song - why and wherefore.

1. After I've  heard Van Halen's version of this song, I wanted to do it. This recording is based on a track made back in 1994, which I liked so much that I put it in Cubase as a stereo audio track and Jørgen added vocals to it in 1998.

2. Once it was considered blasphemia to play Beatles songs, because it could not be done better than the "Fab Four". This version has a J. M. Jarreish intro and outro.

3. Jimi Hendrix was the man, who made me play electric guitar, however I will never be able to play the way he did, so I had to make this a completely different version.

4. This song was originally Leif's idea. He recorded the piano for the verses on midi one night in our rehearsal room in 1994. Later I worked out and arranged the whole song, and in 1998 Jørgen added vocals to it.

5. Basically Jørgen's idea, since he almost after every song we played, when rehearsing, started this song. Naturally we had to do it.

6. The first cover song we played. This version is much slower than the one I did myself on the "Memory Lane" CD.

7. In the middle of the 90's Jørgen got into the "New country wave", which Delbert McClinton was a part of. This song is more Blues than Country.

8. When I first heard this song back in 1967, I loved it immediately, but never thought I would be playing it one day. When we were in need of material for this CD, Jørgen suggested it. It is based on a midi-version found on the internet some years earlier, which I worked on. We also added one more verse, which Procol Harum apparently used when they were playing it live.

9. This is my idea. Focus was one one of my favorite bands way back then. I found the score on the library and made a midi-version of it and added guitar and a bit voice to it.

10. Occasionally we jammed to the basic riff of this song. The lyrics was easy to find on the internet, but no midi-version was available, so I had to use an old recording I had on a tape of a live-jam concert with the "Plastic One Band" as basic for my midi rendition.