Exxon - Memory Lane
Poppsykosen Antologi VI
Psyko Records 1998 - PCD010
1. Mayday (4:33) Lyrics Chords
2. On and on (5:03 Lyrics Chords
3. Memory Lane (5:43) Lyrics Chords
4. Exit for en tid (4:23) Lyrics Chords
5. Obsession (3:35) Lyrics Chords
6. Subway hero (4:17) Lyrics Chords
7. All That I Want (4:44) Lyrics Chords
8. Your Love (3:36) Lyrics Chords
9. Destination Void (5:08) Lyrics Chords
10. Den Blå Time (3:22) Lyrics Chords
11. Bittersød Natskygge (4:43) Lyrics Chords
12. Noah's Ark (8:28) Lyrics Chords
13. My Way (3:34) (J. Reveaux - C. Francois) Lyrics Chords
14. Ronald Duck ¤ (2:24) (O. H. Eriksen - M. Petersen) Lyrics Chords

Music and lyrics where nothing is mentioned: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards and PC sequencer programmings
Jørgen Houmann - Vocals (1-7, 12, 14)
Leif Eriksen  - Keyboards (2, 3)
Max Herager - Bass (14), engineer (1-7)
Jørgen Jakobsen - Drum consultant, engineer (1-7)
Steen "S2ny" Rønne - Drums (14)
Henrik X - Keyboards (14)

Recorded 1982 (14), 89 (13), 94 (1-9, 11), and 98 (10, 12)

1981 (12)
1982 (14)
1984 (10)
1985 (6)
1986 (4)
1987 (8)
1988 (9)
1989 (2, 5)
1991 (3)
1992 (1, 11)
1995 (7)

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen
¤ Produced by Poppsykosen

This is some sort of a compilation CD. All but four songs can be found on the other CD's in different versions. When I had finished the "Sinking" CD, I turned to see, if there was more I could put on CD, and I came in mind of these recordings (1-7), which we made in the middle of the 90's.

Since I spent much of 1994 bringing most of my old songs on midi-format, I came up with a suggestion to the others in my band, that we used some of these midi-renditions as basis for new recordings. Not everybody was happy with this experiment.

It was, however, an easy task since Leif owned the same kind of synthesizers as me, so I just had to get hold on a similar drummachine as at home, so I bought one secondhand - cheap. After buying a new computer at home, I installed my old in the rehearsal room and we could begin the recordings.

The midi controlled basis was mixed and recorded on two tracks on the eight track machine. Then there was six tracks left for vocals, guitars and additional keyboards.
We recorded this way in two sessions, in 1994 and 1995. When we were in the mixing phase of the recordings from the latter session, we realized that the recording equipment had failed us again, thus some of the drums are missing in one channel.

However, we sent the first three recordings out to a local venue as "InCock92" and was adopted in their catalogue. Later we sent a selection of songs from the two recording sessions to the Danish Rock contest 1996 as "Winnie goes to P.". We were choosen to play, but didn't make it any further.

Song 8, 9 and 11 are midi remakes. Despite the two English titles, the songs originally have Danish lyrics, although for this remake of 9, I wrote English lyrics.

The rest are previously unreleased tracks. 10 is a song we never played in the band. 12 is the first song we played in Poppsykosen, but never made a recording of. For this recording I got Jørgen H. to add vocals, since he knows it better than I.

In the late 80's we began taking up cover songs. "My Way" has been played and recorded by thousands, so I felt I could do no wrong in recording it.

14 is a rare take of a rare song with Poppsykosen mark II.