Exxon - The Great Divide
Psyko Records 2002 - PCD014
1. Alienated (7:55) Lyrics Chords
2. Can't Kill The Beast (5:40) Lyrics Chords
3. ...And The Cattle Marched On... (7:21) Lyrics Chords
4. Frozen Shadows (5:42) Lyrics Chords
5. The Great Divide (18:31)
    a) March Of The Giants
    b) A Shard Würm Must Die
    c) In The Kodiak Caves
    d) The Gates Of Thurgadin
    e) Coldain Funk
    f) The Giants Marches Out
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6. I Never Could Reach You (7:46) Lyrics Chords

Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Midi-programmings, Guitar and Vocals and some synth solos. Mix and Mastering.
All songs wirtten in 2001, exept 1, which was written in 2000.

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

After finishing Magnum Opus in 2000, I wrote one more song, which would be included on later versions as a bonus track, because I at that time did not want to write and record music anymore.

However in the start of 2001 I felt the urge to write and record more songs, starting with "Can't Kill The Beast". This is a song we play in Poppsykosen. However more inspriration came over me, so I wrote "Cattle", which included a Synth-solo piece written in 7/8 and some heavy bass-lines. The band declined to play it. 

Then I wrote the jazzy "Frozen Shadows", which some in the band found not suitable for the band. At that time I realized that I've written a half an album and then the idea of an epic came up. For more than a year I've been playing EverQuest, an online game. "The Great Divide" is named after a zone in that game and deals with some of the mobs (mobile objects) and places there.

"The Great Divide" is certainly not suitable for the band either. I contains odd meters and almost unplayable breaks. Lastly I thought 'why not make something completly impossible', then I wrote the last song in 11/8.

So "The Great Divide" is something more than just a song and a CD - it's a divide between me and my band.