Exxon - Plane of Justice
Psyko Records 2005 - PCD016
1. Plane of Mischief (5:36) Lyrics Chords
2. Never Again (6:11) Lyrics Chords
3. Still I keep lying (7:10) Lyrics Chords
4. As the water flows (6:31) Lyrics Chords
5. Plane of Justice (12:50) Lyrics Chords
6. Now that you're gone (6:42) Lyrics Chords
7. Velvet Voyage (5:03) Instrumental Chords
8. Afterwards (6:55) Lyrics Chords
9. Never again (transposed) (6:11) (bonus track) Lyrics Chords

Music and lyrics: Orla Hylleberg Eriksen.

Orla Hylleberg Eriksen - Vocals, guitars, programmings and mix.

Composed and recorded during the period March 2004 - March 2005, except 7, which mainly was composed in 1986, arranged and added parts in 2003.

Produced by Orla Hylleberg Eriksen

Programming, recording and mix: Steinberg Cubase SX.
Native Instruments B4, FM7 and Pro 53, G-Media M-Tron, Synth 1, FalkeLab Stringer.
Keyboard and sound module:
Roland D50, Roland M-GS64 Sound Module.
Parker Fly Mojo, ESP LTD MH 301 and Fender Stratocaster.  Boss GT-3 guitar-multieffect.
Steinberg WaveLab,
Kjærhus Audio plugins.
Lexicon MPX 100 and MPX 200 Reverbs, Behringer Mixer, Behringer Ultra Voice Pro and Behringer B2 Microphone. Echo Layla and Mia soundcards.