The CD's presented here reflects my work for Poppsykosen and me as a solo artist.

In 1996 the first CD with Poppsykosen saw the light of day. It was meant as a birthday surprise for our Keyboardist Leif. I wanted to give him a special gift and one of my friends helped me with the sampling of the music and the making of the booklet.

When I later got my hands on the appropriate equipment I started going through my old tapes to find more music which resulted in four CD's whith Poppsykosen and eight CD's in the Anthology series, which contains my demo-versions for the band. Later I realized that I might as well just issue my new music under my artist name Exxon, which until now have resulted in a series of CD's - both new music and also re-recordings of the old songs.

New equipment has made it possible for me to go through some of the recordings to remix and remaster, which has resulted in the new series named Remix & Remaster.

The CD's can not be purchased in shops - they're just for our own pleasure, but you can listen to some of the music in the listening booth - the music botton under Exxon.

The upper most are the most recent. Click on the CD cover for more information on each CD.



Exxon - Unfinished Dreams Exxon - Empty World Exxon - Human Exxon - The Light
Exxon - Starman Exxon - Beneath the Surface Exxon - Paradise Exxon - Missing Pieces
Exxon - Journey within Exxon - Stay Home Exxon - Night People Exxon - Silent Drama
Exxon - Lighthouses Exxon - Babylon Exxon - Rebel Angel Exxon - Fortuna Road
Exxon - A Summer Day Exxon - Mirror Show Exxon - Sleepers Exxon - Secret Gardens
Exxon - Indigo Exxon - Cosmic Prison Exxon - Moon People Exxon - Sad Caf
Exxon - Time Exxon - True Blood Exxon - Fairy Dust Exxon - Vertigo
Exxon - Hotel Caravan Exxon - Maiden Voyage Exxon - Civil War Exxon - Serve Yourself
Exxon - The Summer of Our Lives Earl Exxon - Book of Lies Exxon - Living On The Edge Exxon - Feels Like Christmas - Christmas-singles
Exxon - Hunted Animal Exxon - Keep Smiling Exxon - Come with me Exxon - Looking Out My Window
Exxon - Only in Dreams Exxon - On and on - II Exxon - Karmic Connection - II Exxon - Exit - II
Exxon - Slip Ls! - II Exxon - In Statu Nascendi Exxon - Major Arcana Exxon - Brave New World
Exxon - Plane of Justice Exxon - Sig du vil ha' mig - II Exxon - The Great Divide Exxon - Projects


The Remix & Remaster Series


Exxon - Sinking
Poppsykosen - Antologi V - Remix & Remaster
Exxon - Magnum Opus
Poppsykosen - Antologi VIII - Remix & Remaster
Exxon - The Great Divide
Remix & Remaster
Exxon - Sig du vil ha' mig - II
Remix & Remaster
Exxon - Your Songs
Poppsykosen - Antologi VII - Remix & Remaster
Exxon - Plane of Justice
Remix & Remaster
Exxon - Brave New World
Remix & Remaster


Poppsykosen - Anthologies


Exxon - Piratos
Poppsykosen - Antologi I
Exxon - Thumb Tacks
Poppsykosen - Antologi II
Exxon - Karmic Connection
Poppsykosen - Antologi III
Exxon - On and on...
Poppsykosen - Antologi IV
Exxon - Sinking
Poppsykosen - Antologi V
Exxon - Memory Lane
Poppsykosen - Antologi VI
Exxon - Your Songs
Poppsykosen - Antologi VII
Exxon - Magnum Opus
Poppsykosen - Antologi VIII